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Attitude is Everything

The Greatest Match

It was one of the greatest matches ever played. Both men had a lot to lose and were under extreme pressure. Roger Federer wanted to retain his title as the king of grass court tennis and not lose to the upstart Nadal one more time. Rafa wanted to prove that he wasn’t just a clay-court champion and that he COULD beat the greatest grass court player of his time in a Wimbledon final.

The Stakes

Rafa had lost to Federer in the two previous finals at Wimbledon and he had vowed that, this time, he wouldn’t go down without giving it his absolute all. He started the match brilliantly, catching Federer off guard. However, Federer, being the champion that he was, would not go down without a fight either. He leveled the match and made Rafa serve the final set from behind. Darkness descended on Centre Court, as the match seemed like it would never end. Finally, after numerous holds of serves, Rafa broke Fed and served out the match to win one of the most intense matches ever seen and played.

Why Did Rafa Win?

Rafa had everything going against him at the end of the match. He had blown a huge lead, he had choked a chance to wrap up the match in the 4th set and he was serving from behind in the 5th and final set. Any normal human would have caved under the enormous pressure. Not Rafa. He was DETERMINED that he was not going to lose like he did the previous two years, which was by not giving it his all in the end and by not totally and completely believing in himself. He didn’t make this mistake a third time.

An Inspiration

Although many people see Rafa as a handsome dude who plays great tennis, they fail to understand his positive disposition, his never-say-die attitude and his courage to face the pressure with grace and style. They don’t see how much he inspires people with his tennis. That is why he will be the greatest tennis player ever in my book. NOBODY has his mental toughness, NO other athlete that I have ever seen has his courage and competitiveness and not that many people continue to look at the positive after facing so much adversity. He is truly an inspiration!

What About You?

What inspires you in your life? What is your passion? What do you believe in? What would you fight tooth and nail for? Let me know in the comments below!

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